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   Many men complain about the small size and thinness of their penis. This is often an unnecessary concern as it does not impair functionality. However, some men are indeed congenitally born with a much thinner genitalia than normal standards. And while this issue stresses that man during intercourse, it can also cause some sexual satisfaction problems on the partner's side. In order to eliminate this, the most preferred method to date is the injection of the fat taken from the belly area under the skin of the organ. This fat injection option can lead to deformation (unsightly appearance) and loss of sensation in the penis. For this reason, satisfaction rates are generally low. Nowadays, a new method has been developed that will provide both a low probability of side effects and a long-term feeling of fullness. The natural filling material (biofiller) obtained by gelling the plasma (PRP) taken from the person's own blood is both biologically risk-free and effective (effective) alternative product. The advantages and application method of the new generation Autologous PRP Biofiller (biological filling) system are as follows;


The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia in office conditions and does not require general anaesthesia or hospitalisation.


Firstly, a small amount of blood (proportional to the material needed) is taken from the person's arm and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is separated with the help of special kits and centrifuge devices. This PRP is gelled by slowly heating with another patented technology.


This natural biological filling material, which is rich in protein, is injected under the skin of the organ with the help of cannulas. Afterwards, the filling material is distributed homogenously under the skin.


Although the total preparation time takes 1-1.5 hours, the filler injection phase takes only 10 minutes and the whole procedure is completely painless and painless.


After the filler injection, the person can continue his normal daily life.


7 days after the procedure, the person can have intercourse if he wants.


As with all natural or synthetic fillers, some of the material is absorbed by the body over time. The remaining material provides comfort to the person for a long time. The effective time interval is 8-12 months, which is often personalised and related to the individual's metabolic rate.


The penile PRP biofiller procedure is a reproducible method and can of course be rescheduled at certain periods if needed.

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